seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Positions Available at IEM (where I work)

IEM (International Electronic Machines), the company that employs yours truly, is looking for several new employees in engineering areas. The open positions are:

Software Engineer
Basic Function:
Performing host (PC) level GUI programming, application development, and system integration.

Engineering Technician
Basic Function:
Participate in research and development related concept, design, testing and manufacture of electro-mechanical components and equipment.
Occasionally travel to customers locations to perform troubleshooting or repair.

Software Developer
Basic Function:
Performing data analysis, programming analysis algorithms, interfacing with databases, and system integration.

Embedded Software Engineer
Basic Function:
Hands-on Embedded Design doing embedded programming, digital design, and system integration of new systems.

IEM is a small business (~20-30 employees currently), and we're in Albany, New York; from this, you know obviously that we won't be offering the salaries of larger corporations (especially those in places like California, We are, however, a pretty informal place to work (I was working last week in jean shorts and a colorful T-shirt for a couple days, and there are no absolute set hours (i.e., some people come in at 8 in the morning, others at 11am).

Despite the small size of the company, we're involved in some interesting and cutting-edge research (some of which has been referred to in spirit by several of the things I've written), including smart sensor systems, micro-scale sensors, and others.

Anyone who's interested can either reply to me, or just go to IEM's employment openings here and click on the appropriate "Respond to this opening" link. You can of course email me to ask anything else I might know that you're interested in, but I'm not privy to all the details, not being the HR person.
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