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Political thoughts...

I don't "do" politics much. I consider it a waste of my time and energy, really, as I have yet to see any issue where things went the way I voted, or where I would have voted, and even in the one Presidential election it was clear that one vote was irrelevant; the uncertainty/slush factor wasn't single digits, or double digits, but four digits.

However, some issues do seem to scream out for commentary...

1) Doctors able to refuse treatment for religious/moral reasons. At first this seems an outrage (as my wife's reaction on her LJ testifies). But to me, it's not at all, for two reasons. Firstly, being a doctor is a business. A business has the right to not serve people, as a general rule; I've worked in several businesses where we have, in fact, refused to serve various "customers" for various reasons. There are some situations in which this is challenged, but not many.
Second, and far more importantly: do you really want to FORCE someone to treat you if they feel so strongly about something about you, personally, that they don't want to treat you? There is a VERY good reason why even some of the most vicious tyrants in history generally treated their physicians well. This is the man, or woman, who will be making the decisions about your LIFE -- usually in a circumstance where you are at a disadvantage. Personally, I wouldn't trust MY health to someone who said "I hate geeks/roleplayers/libertarians/etc. but they're forcing me to treat you." No thanks, I'll trust the witchdoctor down the street who at least doesn't have a personal reason to make a mistake.

2) Gay marriage: WHAT THE HELL IS THE PROBLEM HERE, FOLKS? The only objections seem to be based somewhere in religious grounds, and the government is not supposed to choose to do its yes-or-no decisions based on religion. I don't care if Joe wants to marry his dog, let him. It hurts no one. Same thing for multiple partner marriages. I expect most of those would end in acrimonious divorces, but it's their choice. If it causes problems with things like insurance, how very sad; let the insurance people figure out an equitable way to deal with it. (assuming they can; insurance is notoriously NOT run sensibly)

(it should be noted that I'm very much areligious; I consider all religions/spirituality things to be equally incomprehensible. I can apparently write and talk very convincingly in some religious contexts when I'm writing fiction or playing a religious character in an RPG, but in the real world, they're all (to me) rather silly things, like taking my mythology in Digital Knight seriously. If God or whatever wants to come down and demonstrate their existence to me, that's fine, but for now I'm unconvinced.)

3) Homeland Security: I'm utterly split-personality on this one because I have to wear two diametrically opposed hats. Professionally my company is doing security and monitoring work, some of it directly FOR DHS. I'm getting paid, partly directly, for participating in Homeland Security work. I'm getting to see amazing gadgetry and stuff that I'd never see otherwise, and participate to some extent in the design and so on of such amazing tech. So on this hand, I have a vested interest in it.
In my PRIVATE capacity... I am utterly opposed to DHS. I am opposed to the Patriot Act. I am opposed to the reaction engendered by 9/11. Put bluntly, I don't want to barter freedom for illusory security, while handing more weapons to the people who like controlling other people. Did I like seeing the Twin Towers go down? Of course not, aside from the little-boy part that always looks at things that explode and go boom and say "KEWL!". The terrorists who did that need to die. So do any others who do the same thing. But what our country is doing wrong is that it's failing to face some direct, hard, and simple facts:

You cannot stop this kind of thing from happening. Ever. UNLESS...

You give to your government the authority, the tools, and the mandate to control your society so completely that Big Brother would stand back in intimidated awe before it.

In short: Shit Happens. Sometimes it's really Bad Shit, caused by really Bad People, and sometimes it even affects people you know. It may even affect YOU. You, or I, may blow up on a plane because a lunatic smuggled a remote bomb on board (note that currently there's minimal prevention for this). THAT IS THE PRICE WE PAY FOR A FREE SOCIETY. And it's a price WE MUST BE WILLING TO CONTINUE TO PAY if we want to preserve what our society was intended to be. The only cure is a billion times worse than the disease.

We have already given up far more of that freedom than we ever should have. Look at the war on drugs and the tools given to the goverment for that little stupid game -- one which we should not be playing, either. The tools our government is currently demanding -- to fight terrorism, to fight E-piracy, etc. -- are a dozen times more insidiously powerful and must be denied, or in cases where they have been granted, revoked -- as soon as possible.

Ah well, enough of the rants. I'll do more focused ranting and stuff later.
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