seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Second Belated Plug: The Dreamland Chronicles

Late last year I encountered a reference to The Dreamland Chronicles, and upon going there I got immediately hooked.

It's a very unusual style of webcomic, made in a 3-d modeling animation style. This does have its odd or jarring moments, but I rather like it once I got used to it. The central concept is that in the Dreamland Chronicles, the "Dreamland" is a real place -- a shared alternate reality that children enter when they sleep. Author/Artist Scott Christian Sava (I hope I got that right) uses a lot of imagery that rings chords with various cartoons, children's books, and so on, and then adds in a very adult (not in the X-rated sense, but in the story sense) plotline. I thought I was going to HATE the protagonist, and he starts out quite annoying, but he gets better, and you start to see WHY he was that way, too.

The Dreamland Chronicles are ALSO available in dead-tree format (from and on the comic site) so if you also like them, do what I did: buy the books! Always support your friendly authors!
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