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Pain. Pain Pain Pain Pain!

I've had pressure in my head causing migraines last week, and overall eeeh, not feelingg well the whole week. But this weekened it went critical. Saturday I felt dragged out and in pain; Sunday it was worse, to the point that while I forced myself to finish certain commitments (dinner, etc.) I'd arranged for, I was totally out of it by evening. By that point the pain in my body -- back, chest, arms, etc. -- had gotten so bad that in the end (despite both ibuprofen and hydrocodone) I didn't really get any sleep; I'd try to drift off but the pain wouldn't really permit it.

It's been that bad all day. The doctor said it's a virus she's seen around recently and that it lasts several days. God, I hope that counts Saturday and Sunday at least, because I can't either put up with or afford two or three more days like this. I have deadlines looming up.
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