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Last night was our 12th anniversary. It's always a time for me to not only be grateful, but rather astonished. Not only did this incredibly beautiful and talented woman decide to marry me, but we've got three wonderful kids and I actually am glad I have them. I wouldn't have believed it if someone had told me this was my future, oh, five years before I got married.

This was the first anniversary we've had that there were no kids along (technically our first anniversary we had no actual children, but as Chris had about one month to go he was definitely a factor). We were originally planning to do a sort of Bizarre Foods Dim Sum for dinner -- going to the Ocean Palace and trying all the stuff on their large menu... except it appears that they've gone quietly out of business. So we discussed a lot of other places, but atmosphere rather than odd food won out and we went to the Butcher's Block, which is a nice and comfortable restaurant. It turned out that in the end that WAS the kind of food both of us wanted, somewhat to our surprise.

We then went to see Iron Man, which was excellent. Robert Downey does a letter-perfect Tony Stark. I suppose for the sequel they'll have to do the "Tony Falls Off the Wagon" bit, which I don't look forward to seeing, but it's probably inevitable. One advantage of Iron Man in terms of making the first movie is that his "origin story" is, in itself, a decently exciting sequence of events. He's not getting wierd powers from being bitten or irradiated or anything of that nature, he's a super-tech genius placed in an impossible position and getting himself out of it. This means that Iron Man is much less exposition and "find out what I can do", and much more "follow the story, which is more complicated than it looked at first".

EDIT: Reminder to anyone who doesn't do this habitually these days: STAY TO THE VERY END OF THE CREDITS (well, unless you hated the movie and want to escape, but I doubt that if you were the sort to go to it at all). You DO NOT want to miss the tag end.
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