seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Where's the love for DAVROS?

EDIT: Put in cut-tag after being reminded that even what I have written here contains spoilers. Damn the fangirls for giving me info I don't want months in advance, so that it ends up soaking into MY subconscious as being Not Spoilery.

Well, after the ending of the last Doctor Who season (which was "Brilliant!" as long as you just stop about 4 minutes before the "official" end), there's about a billion icons of Rose Kissing Doctor, lots of DoctorDonna icons, plenty of Captain Jack, and even quite a lot of Mickey kissing his overcompensation symbol, but hardly ANY of our favorite Mad Scientist.

I mean, REALLY, this guy did a marvelous job, chewing so much scenery that if it had been on OLD Who episode, all of the sets would have turned to confetti and collapsed, and yet there's none!

I want ANIMATED DAVROS Icons! I want RANTING Animated Davros (with dialogue!)

I'd make 'em myself but I don't have any software that lets me do it. :(

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