seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Bigfoot's Existence Proven?

On Friday, history may well be made. A press conference to discuss the alleged discovery of a 500 pound hominid, or humanoid but not human, body, including DNA samples, will be held at noon on Friday the 15th.

I've believed in the existence of the Sasquatch for a long time; it's not something easily faked, despite the naysayers, and the weight of evidence has in my opinion been quite strong. But belief and evidence are very different things. While the discoverers and announcers are not of impeccable pedigree, they've called in others to verify their results including Loren Coleman of Cryptomundo who has posted the first released photo of the frozen body.

If this thing is real, it's one of the biggest finds in history -- a very large mammal living unproven among highly settled areas for decades. If it turns out the creature is in fact close to human, it's an even MORE important discovery, possibly the most important biological discovery ever in some ways.

Stay Tuned.

EDIT: If it DOES turn out to be a hoax, the crash should be spectacular. You can fake some things like psychic powers and make it fuzzy enough to take a while for someone to disprove, but if you're supposed to have a 500 pound body, you can't hide it for long without people catching on. Moreover, while people like Coleman have signed NDAs, etc., those won't bind them if they become aware that the NDA is in essence leading them into being an accomplice for a huge scam.
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