seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Bigfoot Controversy: Shows they're all fanboys.

It's really funny. Sure, it's probably a hoax (given the personalities involved). But the VENOM! The FUROR! I haven't seen such petty grudges inflated and refloated, such hostility aired, since watching the Gundam Wing fangirls arguing about how all the Wing Boys were gay (based on reading each others' fanfic).

You know, people, it's all going to come out in the next few days. The level of fakery required can't stand up to any examination. Why the rage? This time they've gone too far; if it's really a fake, it's cost too many people too much money. There'll be arrests and jail time if it's a fake.

But we have people desperately trying to prove it's a fake based on one photograph. "Look! It looks like this suit here! I've proved it by showing I can do a morph to the suit in Photoshop!" You know, I could do a morph from my face to the Andre the Giant Bigfoot too. That wouldn't make me Andre the Giant. Sure, there's more similarity, but it's not nearly as close as would be needed to PROVE anything.

WAIT for the proof. It's not going to be long.

Truth be told, I suspect much of the rage is territoriality over the True Way of Bigfoot, research. If someone like Biscardi ACTUALLY pulls Bigfoot out of his hat, he makes fools of the whole group of serious Bigfoot people who try to avoid any sensationalism. Judging by his personality, he's even the sort to deliberately release a FAKE teaser photo just to cause this kind of thing, even if he DID have a real Bigfoot.

Loren Coleman posts a single Squee, and then -- as would many -- a more even-handed post, and gets dissed by the serious people because he dared get excited for a minute. (Plus he's a Cryptozoologist, not a dedicated Bigfoot follower). Being excited doesn't give these guys legitimacy, nor will it help them fool anyone. A body is a body, DNA is DNA. Either it's there, or it isn't, and we'll know soon enough.
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