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Situation: With bittersweet windfall from my father's death, we have been making our house as close to perfect as may be -- relandscaping to get rid of the swamp in front of the house, redoing and finishing areas inside the house, soon to be removing an UGLY little crumbling shed and replace it with a usable work area. Among these projects, the single most expensive is the kitchen renovation; in essence we have ordered a new kitchen and paid for it already. This includes all new appliances. It should be arriving sometime in the next few weeks.

So naturally, the refrigerator cannot wait a few weeks and decides to die NOW. And when I try to move up delivery of our new fridge, they say sure... but due to the way delivery schedules work, it won't arrive until Monday. So nearly a week with no fridge. I'm temporarily keeping it cool with blocks of dry ice inside; dunno how long I can keep that up. *sigh*

OTOH, this weekend I look forward to having my office completed and being able to crank out LOTS of wordage on Boundary. It's been moving along, but slower than I would like; ideally I want a rough first draft finished by July, but probably won't get it done before my birthday due to other things. I rarely work in "drafts" but when you work with a co-author things are different -- and this book is very, VERY different from what I usually do anyway. Very good -- in fact, I suspect this may turn out to be one of the best things I ever write, especially after Eric Flint gets through beating on it -- but very different.
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