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PITA! And I'm not talking flatbread!

PITA stands for Pain In The A** in this case. Those who read Kathy's LJ know that she discovered recently that her driver's license has been expired for 4 years (yes, since 2004, no, I have no idea how she never noticed it until now, but never mind). So instead of renewing it, she has to go through the whole process of getting one again.

Except that the process TODAY is nothing like the process when I (and she) first got a license. My memory says I needed two forms of ID, I had to pass a written test that basically checked to see if you had any idea how to drive at all, had a (I think) three-hour course to take which amounted to "stare at the video, nod your head", and then you got your permit. If you wanted to and there were people available you could sign up for your driver's test the next day and get your license.

NOW you need six forms of ID (well, six "points", but most of the "more than one point" things are ones we don't have), have TWO tests to pass (and the tests sound more rigorous), have a FIVE hour course to take, and THEN you take your driver's test. I haven't noticed young people driving any better than they did when I was a kid, which makes me doubtful there is actually any purpose served by this BS.

So right now we're desperately trying to find a way to just get the 6 points of ID for her. THEN she'll have to find out what kind of crap will be on these tests, take the tests, find a way to get about 6 hours to take the class (since commuting to it will take some time on someone's part), and then -- if she doesn't get too nervous and mess up -- take the driver's test and get the license.

WHICH leads to yesterday, in which I had to take Gabriel to two morning appointments that Kathy normally would have handled. The first one at 9:15 went fine; the second, at 10:15, had us waiting in the examining room for over an hour, so that when all was said and done I was finally driving home at 12:30. Only to have to drive Christopher to the pediatrician because they suspected that the day before he might have broken, rather than sprained, his ankle. Which, as it turned out, was indeed the case, so AFTER getting him back from X-Ray I had to contact orthopedists to get an appointment -- plural because Northeast Ortho couldn't see him until Monday, and even Capital District Ortho couldn't see him that day (they're seeing him this morning).

Upshot being that I didn't go to work at ALL yesterday.

The only bright side, sort of, was that I wrote about 3,000 words in the evening, about 2k in Spheres of Influence (sequel to Grand Central Arena) and 1,000 in Polychrome. I don't know if they're any GOOD -- I'll have to re-read them tomorrow and see, it may have been just total crap that I'll have to delete and start again, but it made me feel better.
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