seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

The Teraport Wars!

As everyone knows, I'm a fan of Howard Tayler's Schlock Mercenary, a sometimes-comedic, sometimes-serious space opera following the adventures of a mercenary team ("Tagon's Toughs") who happen to have hired the eponymous, amorphous, BLAM-loving Sergeant Schlock. Schlock is a "carbosilicate amorph", meaning that he's sort of an animated blob of clay, like a living claymation figure with a taste for violence.

The newest dead-tree compendium of the Schlockiverse is "The Teraport Wars". This marvelous slick paperback volume represents one of the high points of the adventures of Schlock and the Toughs, with a lovely balance between low humor, high adventure, low adventure, high humor, and BLAM. Lots of BLAM. And THOOM. And other sound effects involving destruction.

If you have not purchased any Schlock before, I urge you to spend money on all the Schlock that's available. Buy extra copies for your friends. Howard's a nice guy and needs the money so he will continue to write more Schlock, rather than have to go back to having a boring day job.
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