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The Sea Wasp (Ryk E. Spoor)

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21 July
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Born in Omaha, Nebraska, lived all over the place. I'm an RPG gaming geek, an SF/F fan, an anime otaking, etc. I have a lovely wife and four beautiful children, two boys and two girls.

I'm also a published SF/F author, by Baen Books. My most recent works, as of 2010, are Grand Central Arena and Threshold, sequel to Boundary. My first novel, titled Digital Knight, is currently out of print (although some copies can still be found used); I'm working on a rewrite/update with additional content, tentatively to be titled Paradigms Lost. My second publication was a short novel, a collaboration with Eric Flint entitled Diamonds are Forever, the lead one-third of the anthology Mountain Magic.

LiveJournal is my usual "networking" site (I left Facebook after they did one too many intrusive things), and news relating to my writing will be found on my writing website. I also have a beta-reading community, rykspoor_beta, which interested people are welcome to join (most posts are member-locked).
anime, bleeding-edge gadgetry, rpgs, science fiction/fantasy books, some videogames (crpgs mostly), writing

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